EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM is suitable for transporting hot and cold fluids under pressure for long periods of time.This capability make it ideal for the construction of water supply,heating and air conditioning systems,in residential and industrial premises.It is also suitable for transporting fluids of human consumption and industrial fluids It can easily be connected to any kind of systems and it offers detachable connections in the form of Unions,Adaptor, and flanges for such purposes.Due to low cost of plumbing it has wide range of applications.PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM from EUROTECH can be used for:-

  • Potable water pipe network for Hot and Cold water installations for all type of buildings i.e residential buildings,hospitals,hotels,schools,ships etc.
  • Chilled water network in the Air conditioning systems,as its is an effective light weight and corrosion free substitute.
  • Pipe network for rainwater utilization systems.
  • Pipe network for compressed -air plants & solar plants
  • Pipe network for swimming pools facilities.
  • Pipe network in agricultur and hoticulture sectors and in irrigation systems
  • Pipe network in factories,ie for transpot of aggressive fluids and liquid foods.

Installation Principles

  • For Installing the EUROTECH system ,first of all you should determine where to position the fixed points,where to faten pipes;you should calculate the direction and the measure of pipe expansion,according to temperature variations,which occur not only during the operating life of pipes but also owing to the difference in the seasons.

While Installation inside the wall ,it is preferable to insulate pipes because ,if the insulation is made using soft materials (glass fiber or foamed synthetic material) it will absorb pipe expansion and allow energy conservation,in accordance with international law.If you think expansion might be excessive,and insulation thickness might not be able to control it,you should plan on using flexible arms.EUROTECH System can be embedded in concrete;howeverplease remember that pipes must be installed at an accepable depth under the surface of wall or floor,in order to avoid cracks;besides,excessively high internal tension due to stress on pipe sections and on joints should be avoided.

Pipes are loopoing free against or inside the wall.Their expansion (by heat) should be compensated by elbows,flexible arms or where there is bot possible "compensator" should be fitted between the pipe and the structure

  • We suggest use of continous horizontel supports for installation of horizontel pipes where possible.Pipe installed withoutsupport should be fatened according to pipes outside diameter and fluid temperatures; fixed points and supporting brackets sleeves should be employed.They should be installed near joints,valves,water-meter,branches and taps.

For Technical guidlines on Pipe installation ,Please find and download Installtion Instruction manual from download section of this site.

Handling Instructions

  • Avoid shocks and concus-sions to the pipe, particularly at low temperatures ! When unloading or transporting do not throw pipes. Protect them from falling items.
  • Avoid heavy and sharp loads on the pipes. Where there is a risk of falling stones etc., cover pipe.
  • Do not use cracked or damaged pipes.
  • Cut pipe only with sharp tool.
  • Do not turn pipe or fitting during polyfusion welding. join them in straight movement.
  • Alignment upto 5 degrees relative to the axis of pipe can be done immediately afer joining.
  • Protect waterfitting pipes from freezing.
  • Drain pipes exposed to frost

Property of Raw Material

  • Eurotech - pipe system is made from VESTOLEN P 9421 that is one of the best PPR-C raw material over the world.This raw material is obtained by cracking petroleum where by propen-monomer polymerizes with polyproyplene co monomer to form Polypropylene random co polymer referred to as Type III PPR-C.This raw material is approved for the production of pipes and fittings according to DIN 8078 standards.(Polypropylene Pipes General Quality Requirement-Tests).
  • VESTOLEN P9421 PPR-C raw material is a thermoplastic resin which is transformed in to the finished product by a rise in temperature, which plasticizes the material, allowing the pipe to be produced by means of EXTRUSION, and the fittings by MOULDING. the material is supplied in granules pre-colored. Special heat resistance is only one of the features of this material, Its physical and chemical properties are well suited to the transfer of potable water and in the heating field. Depending on pressure it is possible to use Eurotech - pipes for constant temperatures up to 700C with service life of more than 50 years. Peak temperatures of 1000C arising from shot disruptions are not creating any problems.

Fusion Welding Method

  • The Process of joining PPR-C pipes and fittings is very simple and results an inseperable water joints .It is carried out using a simple welding machine that mels the internal surface of the fittings and the external surface of the pipe,so that the material of the pipe and fitting will be melded together to form a homogenous part.

The following steps descibe the welding process

  • Prepare the welding Machine with the welding dies of the diameter to be weld.Connect the Plug to 220V power supply socket and wait until the green light in the machine goest out indicating the welding mahine has reached the working temperature (260oC).
  • Cut the pipe at right angles to the pipe axis using suitable pipe cutter.
  • Remove any burss or cutting chips by deburring the cutting area and mark the welding depth on the pipe.
  • Insert the end of the pipe without turning into the heating sleeve up to the marked welding depth and at the same time slide the fitting without turning into the otherside of the heating tool up to the stop.
  • Leave the pipe and fitting into the welding tool until the heating time is elapsed.

Reference Standards

Overview:Deutsches Institut fur Normung (DIN) is a German institute for standardization,it is a technical and scientific association recognized by German Government as the national standard body representing German interests at International levels.DIN provides a forum in which representatives from the manufacturing industries,consumer organization,commerce,the trades,service industries,science technical inspectorates,and goverment may discuss and define their specific stndardization requirements and to recod the result as German standards.

Eurotech Pipe System is manufactured according to specification in the following standards:-

  • DIN 8077 Polypropylene pipes,Dimensions
  • DIN 8078 Polypropylene Pipes,General quality requirement & testing.
  • DIN 16962 Pipe joints and Elements for Polypropylene Pressure pipes
  • DIN 16928 Pipe joints and Elemebts for pipe ,Laying-General Directions.

Main Characteristics

  • Eurotech is a system of pipes and fittings made from VESTOLEN P9421 random copolymer polypropylene, specially developed for this use. the system’s characteristics make it suitable for the construction of heating and water supply systems of the most widely varying forms with outstanding reliability over time . one special feature of the Eurotech system is the assembly technique, in which the parts to be connected are welded by melting, the pipe and fitting form a single, continues body, with none of the problems which may derive from potential leakage points. the assembly method, the wide rage of sizes and fittings available, the versatility of the system and excellent chemical and physical properties make Eurotech a product of exceptional quality, proven by years of experience. The EUROTECH system is suitable for transporting hot and cold fluids under pressure for long periods of time.
  • This capability makes, it ideal for the construction of water supply, heating and air conditioning systems, in residential and industrial buildings. it is also suitable for transporting fluids for human conception and industrial fluids Eurotech has many characteristics, which make it an ideal system for constructing modern plants at the technological state of the art. Eurotech is chemically insert and highly resistant to a wide range of acids and bases. This makes it suitable for contact with the materials normally used in the construction sector, such as lime or cement, with no need for specific protection. the material’s high level of thermal insulation guarantees low heat loss on the part of the fluid transported. This means minimal drop in temperature between the hot water production and delivery points, with consequent energy saving. The low thermal conductivity value also causes a drastic reduction in the formation of condensation on the outside of the pipe.
  • A frequent problem on metal pipes in some temperature and humidity conditions. Finally, it takes longer for the water to freeze when the outdoor temperature is particularly low. Due to the material’s high sound insulation value, the noise level of system is considerably reduced both with particularly high water flow speeds and when water hammers are present. VESTOLEN P9421, the raw material used for production of the EUROTECH system, is complies with current standards at international level. Thanks to its high electrical insulting properties, Eurotech is unaffected by stray currents, which may create dangerous punctures in metal pipes. This phenomenon occurs above all in installations in zones with a high concentration of industrial facilities, close to railway lines and in other zones with a high concentration of electrostatic currents.
  • Thanks to the particularly homogeneous, compact structure of the material, achieved using a stage of the art production technology, the inside surface of EUROTECH pipes and fittings are non porous and free from cracks or crazing, This means the surface are extremely smooth, and loss of pressure are very low. There is also no risk of pipe blockages caused by scale deposits. Due to the density of just 0.898 g/cm, pipes and fittings are very light. Combined with the wide range of fittings available, this enables complete installations to be made easily and safely, with considerable time savings compared to conventional products

Eurotech PPR Welding Demo